About Us

Our Carnivorous Plant Grower...

  I have been a involved with plants and animals all my life. When I was a kid I always had some kind of “pet “ I had found, whether it was bugs, reptiles or amphibians. Sometimes to my parents consternation. 

   My brother and I became fascinated with carnivorous plants and talked mom into getting a few for us. We didnt know anything about them and planted them in a terrarium. We enjoyed them until they died. Later I made a bed of peat in the yard and  once again talked mom into getting  some Venus flytraps for me. They did well until I got  lax on watering, they died.

   Many years past and then about 10 years ago I saw a purple pitcher plant at a nursery and HAD to have it. From that plant and subsequent purchases and gifts I now have hundreds of plants that include about 9 different Sarracenias, several types of flytraps and a couple of sundews.

  After I learned their few basic requirements, I discovered how easy these are to grow AND enjoy.

   I still have odd pets and plants and a garden, but I get the most enjoyment from my carnivorous plants. I am still fascinated by them and believe anyone can have and enjoy them with little effort.